Wedge Fairing Kit Details

Wedge Fairings are frame-mounted fairings made to fit bikes that, up until now, were limited to fork-mounted fairings. We’ve changed all that. Now mid-size bikes can have the style and stability of a touring-style frame-mounted fairing. We have a growing list of bikes that our fairings will fit, including Harley Davidson, Honda, Indian, and Yamaha brands.

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The Wedge Fairing kit includes:

  • Fairing body:
  • High gloss black ABS fairing body
  • LED Turn signals
  • Complete wiring harness
  • All necessary fasteners
  • Single or Dual halogen headlights and valance
  • Mounting frame (model specific)
  • Windshield
  • Lowers
Each fairing weighs 26 lbs

Options & Upgrades:

Additional Windshield
  • Add an additional windshield
Headlight Upgrades
  • 2 H4 headlight bulbs – installed (for dual headlights)
  • 1 LED 5 3/4″ Daymaker-style headlight – installed (for single headlights)
Sound System
  • Customers talked, we listened. You want to have your favorite music while you ride, so we partnered with MTX Audio to offer a range of options:
Speakers onlySpeakers – Thunder 52get details
Deluxe Bluetooth systemMTX Bluetooth Controller50 watt AmplifierSpeakers – Thunder 52get details
Deluxe systemMTX AM/FM Radio50 watt AmplifierSpeakers – Thunder 52get details

All of our systems come with installation instructions.

Why MTX?

We wanted to be sure that any sound system we added to a Wedge Fairing met our standards for quality. We know our customers expect good value. MTX Audio is renowned for making very high-quality sound systems at fair prices, and offers sizes that will fit your new fairing like a glove.

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