AM/FM/WB Radio Audio System

MTX AWMC3 radio rendering | Wedge Fairing

The MTX Audio AWMC3 Waterproof Radio is an all-weather solution that comes with an AM / FM / WB tuner with Bluetooth and is SiriusXM-Ready. The system comes with MTX’s Thunder52 speakers for high-quality, full-range sound. It also includes a powerful yet compact MUD50.2 Amplifier to round out the system.

Just you and the open road… and your favorite music!

AWMC3 Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • AM / FM / WB tuner, Bluetooth Audio, and SiriusXM-Ready
  • Back lit buttons for easy use day or night
  • 3″ Full Color TFT Display
  • Selectable EQ
  • Front & Rear Pre outs
  • Aux Input
  • Hidden Antenna
  • USB Charging
audio package #3 for a wedge fairing

System Includes:

  • Waterproof Radio – MTX AWMC3 Radio
  • Speakers – Thunder52
  • Amplifier – MUD50.2
  • Custom mounting adapter
  • Custom amp mount
  • Wire
  • SUB/Aux Jack
  • RCA Adapters
  • Hidden antenna


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