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Start building your fairing! Select the options you like, and tell us what bike you have. We’ll send it to you already assembled and ready to install. The high gloss finish means you don’t even need to paint it! Just bolt it on your bike and ride!

Includes everything you need for installation, including all wiring, fasteners, clamps, etc.

How to calculate the cost of your fairing

Prices vary depending on the options you choose. To calculate the cost of YOUR fairing, just select the components and options below and the calculator will do the rest for you.


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17 reviews for Wedge Motorcycle Fairing


    I just finished getting my fairing installed on my 2016 Indian Scout. It was fairly easy to install, very sturdy, and looks really good. I got the stereo package with the speakers, and there is no problem hearing my music over the noise of my pipes. I still have to get it painted.

  2. Richard Fahn*****

    This the easiest review If you have a bike that this fairing will fit buy it . I just got done with a 800 mile ride which was only suppose to be a 300 mile run, It put my riding pleasure back like when I was a kid and Im no kid any longer,It is easy to install wiring is easy and looks awsome on the bike,also Bill is really easy to deal with just got to say Thanks Bill it is everything you said it would be!

  3. Lora Wilkinson

    I have a Wedgefairing and I absolutely love it! After looking into getting a Road Glide, I thought to myself, ” Why should I put out that much money just because I want a fairing?” I looked into the Wedgefairing for my Dyna. I love the look and its a frame mounted fairing! Well what a difference this fairing has made in my life! My bike handles better! I put a stereo in the fairing so I have the tunes! The design is beautiful and works perfect in the wind! I absolutely love it! Thank you Bill for putting out such an amazing product! I love it!

  4. robert from concord ca

    what a awsome faring,very user friendly to install,,and thanks bill for the technical support on the phone after hours and even on the weekends,,this faring is by far the best looking one out there for the mid sized bikes,, i am getting compliments everytime im on my bike,, it has transformed my 2005 xl1200r roadster into a performance mid sized bagger,, you can see my bike on this web site,,,my type of bike along with the dynas are very popular on the west coast,, i truely believe as more people see my bike on the road the will want the same type of setup,,this faring looks and performs just like bill said it would,, i have road baggers befor many times, so when i got on my bike for that first test ride my bike had that same feel of the wind not trying to push you around on the bike just how the heavy baggers feel,, but on the mid sized bikes you get both of the best worlds,,rip down the freeway at 80 an 90 all day in total comfort ,an easy an quick to park,,performance and comfort all day

  5. Jim Magnuson, Rapid City, SD. 2016 HD Dyna Low Rider S

    Road Glide comfort and wind protection, Dyna performance and fun factor, that was the goal. I had always wanted a modern version of an FXRT and while there are many FXRT retro kits available for the Dyna platform I wanted something with a more modern look and better wind protection. I stumbled onto your fairing in a magazine I found on my folks coffee table and knew it was just what I had been looking for! I ordered The Wedge, got it mounted on my 2016 HD Low Rider S and ended up with exactly what I wanted, a modern FXRT, just better than the original all the way around. Not to slam the classics here but there is something to be said for things like a 6 speed gear box, fuel injection, ABS, cruise control and a 110 cubes! This fairing delivers, living in the Black Hills puts some of the best street bike riding anywhere in my backyard, endless curves in the hills and limitless vistas on the prairie. Anyone who has ridden here knows what I am talking about but Mother Nature can be challenging in these parts to say the least with crazy winds and totally random storms. The fairing bucks the wind out on the prairie and is lite enough not to negatively effect the handling in the hills. I love the clean air bubble this fairing provides and being mounted to the frame there is no handlebar buffeting in the crosswinds like a bar-mounted windscreen, it makes long days in a saddle a pleasure. I couldn’t be happier and Bill is just an all around great guy to work with. Thanks for filling that niche for those of us who don’t need or want a 900 pound bagger but do want most of the creature comforts that said 900 pound bike provides!

  6. Alan McCormack

    Great Fairing, looks good on my Dyna wide glide no wind wobble at high speeds like Batwing fairing had . The quality is some of the best I’ve seen in my 30 + years in the auto body industry,minimal prep work before painting. Bill is great guy to work with. The quality of this product will sell itself, my riding buddies are all raving about how good it looks on my bike.

  7. YAMA

    After talking with Bill on the phone, I decided to get the wedge for my Sport Glide.
    Coming from touring bikes (I have owned a Street Glide first, then a Road Glide before I got my Sport Glide), I was desperate for a good wind protection AND good looks.
    The Wedge fairing delivers both style and function! Its finish and fit is first class.
    Once I installed it, people think it came from the factory this way.
    I was originally thinking to get it painted to match the gas tank and fenders, but after seeing it in person, I have decided against it. It’s finish is so nice that I didn’t wanna paint it over a perfectly great finish.
    It was super easy to install.
    To be honest, I was a little worried if this fairing was sturdy enough for hours of highway speed cruise. It mounts to the frame very nicely and this thing is STURDY!
    I have no worries at all, after actually installing it on my bike.
    Its giving me even better wind protection than the Road Glide I traded in for this bike and I’m super happy about it!

    Lastly, I’d like to mention how nice it has been to do business with Bill.
    He really takes pride in his product and he’s all about taking care of customers.
    I have to say it’s one of the best purchase experience I’ve ever had.
    Sadly, there aren’t too many people/ companies who REALLY cares and take care of customers nowadays…..
    I am so glad that I found the Wedge Fairing online and now I have a near perfect motorcycle that I really enjoy riding.

    I’d HIGHLY recommend the Wedge fairing to anyone wanting a touring bike comfort on a non-touring bikes. First class product from a first class company!

    Thank you so very much for making such a great product and provided me even greater customer service!

  8. Jeremy manning

    First of all this is the best customer service I’ve delt with in my 30 years on riding . The wedge fairing on my road king is awesome. I love everything about it and wouldn’t take it off for anything .

  9. David P Hendren

    Bought mine from Bill in Cave Creek at Arizona Bike week. Bill installed 86% of it. I wired the lights, it was a breeze. Bill is a great guy. Rode home to Arkansas 75 miles per hour no problem. Love it

  10. George E Rocha

    I purchased a Wedge fairing for my 2016 FXDLS. Beautiful fairing! Easy to mount and looks amazing.

  11. Jaleisa Haynes

    I spoke with Mr. Bill on a Sunday(YES A SUNDAY). I ordered the dual wedge with audio package #2. I asked how long would shipping be, he said you’ll have it in time to mount it and ride on the weekend. I received my package that following Thursday. Best customer service and answered every question I had. THANK YOU BILL!!!!

  12. Perry O’Brien

    I am thrilled beyond words with my New Wedge fairing on my Vulcan 1600 Classic. I had contacted Bill last year about possibly building one for this Kawasaki. Bills dedication and persistence in getting me a finished product for my bike is mostly unheard of today when it comes to Customer Service. Even during the current Covid virus crisis, Bill remained unwavering in taking care of my need to own one of these. He even met me half way between Minneapolis and St. Louis to take my bike for fitment. Even during the BLM protests and chaos, which should have pushed this project off indefinitely, he stepped up and made this happen
    Regardless of the possible danger involved. Between phone conversations and texts and emails and finally meeting in person, I cannot push my praise for him high enough. Please consider adding one of these Wedge Fairings for your favorite bike. I own 5 motorcycles and am now considering adding one to another member of the herd.
    You will never find another company that will work harder to satisfy your need.

    Thank you again Bill Blackmore.

  13. A.J. and Ginger

    Game changer! The wedge fairing has exceeded my expectations and made riding so much more enjoyable. Bill has got to be one of the nicest guys in the world; I had to call him a couple of times with questions and he was happy to help. Thank you for such a superior product Bill!

  14. Kyle

    I wanted a fairing for my 18 low rider but didn’t know of anything on the market that would look good on my bike and that would include everything I wanted, but then I found the wedge fairing. This is the real deal in motorcycle fairings and the install was painless. I’ve gotten so many complements with it on my bike and most importantly it makes for a much more comfortable ride. Lastly even with the product being amazing and worth every penny, Bill still puts it over the top with his costumer service! I’ve never had a better experience with a business and it was all over the phone!

  15. Dale

    I had a Batwing fairing for my Indian Scout and you would get up around 70MPH and the front end would start shaking. This Fairing is what I have been looking for. It’s beautiful I had it up to 100MPH no problem. I let my Indian Dealer put it on for me and he dubbed it the “Baby Challenger”. The cubbies are great to put my gloves and riding glasses in, and Bill is a really nice guy.

  16. Eddie Hsueh

    I wanted a frame mounted fairing for my 2012 V-Rod. The Wedge fairing is very well engineered, easy to install and, is very solid. Mr. Blackmore was very helpful, stands behind his products and is always there to answer any questions you might have. His customer service and caring is really outstanding and special. I really like the design and the fact that the fairing comes with everything you need to install it quickly and easily. I highly recommend this fairing to anyone wanting a solid fairing backed by an A+++++ company/owner. If you want a frame mounted fairing for your V-Rod, get a Wedge you won’t be disappointed and won’t have to fabricate and piece something together. Thank you Mr. Blackmore

  17. Wayne Pennington

    Great fairing it fits my VTX 1300C (2006) to a tee! This thing makes my bike look even better than I imagined. I have done a little custom work here and there with the late model Harley bags, some colored lights, chin spoiler, and the like. But, this fairing REALLY turns heads!!! Glad I went for the double headlight model. Thanks again Bill for letting me have the distinction of being the 1st VTX1300C your company made a mount for. I have the short smoke screen and the mid range screen I purchased from Wedge, I will be getting the largest one for longer trips. Oh, the midrange is the best for keeping air off me by the way. The lower one is for looks mostly. Anyway… this is a high quality fairing, true craftmanship! Again, many thanks Bill, we’ve been “choppin it up” about my fairing for about a year now, I will miss the calls and texts…but will remain in touch.

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